Bookkeeping Services for Nonprofit Organizations in Milwaukee, Brookfield & Madison WI Accounting Services for Nonprofits Outsourced Accounting for Nonprofits Virtual Bookkeeping for Nonprofits

Bookkeeping Services for Nonprofit Organizations in Milwaukee, Brookfield & Madison WI Accounting Services for Nonprofits Outsourced Accounting for Nonprofits Virtual Bookkeeping for Nonprofits

Bookkeeping Services for Nonprofit Organizations in Milwaukee, Brookfield & Madison WI Accounting Services for Nonprofits Outsourced Accounting for Nonprofits Virtual Bookkeeping for Nonprofits 150 150 DMC

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The bookkeeping for nonprofits team ensures that every organization it works with has all of the tools it needs to effectively record financial transactions and take appropriate action with its mission in mind. When you’re looking for the right fit for your nonprofit, make sure to analyze the size and type of clients the firm has worked with before. This in addition to having conversations with the firm before launching an engagement will help you ensure you’re making the best choice. Fund accounting requires your organization to categorize finances and allocate them according to restrictions and budgetary needs.

We provide the expertise you need to help your nonprofit serve more people, raise more money, and drive your mission forward. Finally, board members are personally liable for their custody of the nonprofit organization’s assets. You want to ensure your back office is run smoothly and efficiently to ensure the errors & omissions policy that protect you is always paid up and that your financial reporting is handled accurately and compliantly. Once you’ve got your bookkeeping system setup and have started generating financial statements, the final piece of the nonprofit accounting puzzle is getting your tax obligations straight.

Finance Team Support

When your in-house accountant changes report formats as often as you change your socks, it can leave you confused, or stuck defending numbers you don’t really understand.


The Giersch Group’smanagement consulting for nonprofits essentially serves as executive director training classes. As a not-for-profit leader, you’re charged with making an impact in the community while coping with serious challenges, from increased donor and grant competition to constantly evolving compliance requirements. RKL’s Not-for-Profit Group, led by noted industry advisor Doug Berman, is comprised of professionals who are experienced in positioning community benefit organizations for financial strength and success. Our Nonprofit Services Group is a committed, knowledgeable team of trained professionals offering the hands-on experience and technical skills to serve your unique needs. We offer peace of mind so you can focus your time and energy on delivering your promises to the community. The difference between the balance sheet and the statement of financial position is that, because nonprofits don’t technically have any owners, the statement of financial position doesn’t have any equity on it. Don’t use your personal bank account to receive, hold or disburse money for your nonprofit.

A Guide to Nonprofit Accounting (for Non-Accountants)

Today’s professionals and executives have more things to keep up with and less time to do it than ever before. That’s why our advisors have wrapped up today’s most timely topics into a podcast with actionable advice. The IRS provides this handy questionnaire to help you figure out exactly which parts of the tax code apply to your organization, and which form you’ll use to apply for tax-exempt status. This is the part of the tax code that concerns charities, nonprofits, and religious organizations that are exempt from paying federal taxes to the IRS. This is essentially the nonprofit accounting version of the balance sheet equation. The solution you decide on should also allow you to do some form of fund accounting. This means instead of piling your money into one big “cash” account, you’ll need to distinguish between and track separate buckets of money.

What does a bookkeeper do for a nonprofit?

Nonprofit bookkeepers are responsible for the day-to-day activities of the nonprofit organization. They track and manage the daily transactions for the organization and record the regularly occurring financial changes. Nonprofit finances operate differently from for-profit organizations.

FastFund Online is the only SaaS system that incorporates nonprofit, fund accounting, fund raising, donor management and payroll in a single solution. FastFund Online will help your organization be more transparent, provide better stewardship of funds, generate more meaningful financial statements for management to better and more informed decisions. FastFund Online is designed by CPAs for the unique fiscal challenges of nonprofits. At Good Steward Financial, we offer a full suite of online bookkeeping services for nonprofit organizations. We can provide you with the following services on a monthly basis, whichever suits you the best, helping your 501c3 nonprofit organization save time and resources so that you can focus on your goals.

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This inside perspective gives us a clear understanding of how an audit itself, as well as the results and final product, can affect our clients. The benefits of nonprofit accounting services include security, ability to monitor financial visibility and track grants, up to date compliance, quick data access, and so much more. Their high-level services include annual budgeting, cash flow projections, and assistance in preparation for external annual audits. Meanwhile, the day-to-day support they offer includes the management of immediate cash needs and internal control evaluations.

How to do bookkeeping for nonprofits?

  1. Find a bookkeeping solution.
  2. Hire a bookkeeper that has experience with fund accounting.
  3. Establish a bank account for the nonprofit so you're not mixing personal and business accounts.
  4. Record in-kind donations (goods and services are exchanged rather than money)

During this call, the consultant will confirm information, ask you questions, answer any of your questions, and begin to work on your project. A. The balance sheet shows a snapshot of the organization’s financial position, including assets and liabilities.

Part-Time vs. Full Time vs. Outsourced Basic Bookkeeping Costs

Figure out which works best for your and start tackling the problems with your books. Hiring a full-time bookkeeper is essential when your organization is ready. A. The income statement tells you if you are remaining cost-effective and shows your costs and expenses.

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