Tera Online Guides: Tweaking Tera Online’s Game Performance

Tera Online Guides: Tweaking Tera Online’s Game Performance

Tera Online Guides: Tweaking Tera Online’s Game Performance 150 150 DMC

Its possible though it could be a cpu related problem as well. Most of our other games might not be pushing your CPU to 100% usage which is when your noticing problems. Like are you hitting close to 80c cpu temperature cause that would certainly cause the shuddering. Or its possible there could be a physical problem with the chip as well. When you have a lot of players on the screen you can turn off the titles and names in tera that can help. I’m a nvidia user myself so if anyone has more info about ATI or can show me the settings you have access to I can try to provide some kind of better guide.

Im pretty sure any player can replicate this issue if they turn down texture resolution from max. If anyone has any ideas on why viewing additional mobs would create such massive CPU usage, please enlighten me. Because that one setting is the worst for me. And its the most important setting as well .

I know that you have a specific need, and Xbox recently added keyboard and mouse support too…so it stings. The game would clearly benefit from mouse and keyboard being natively supported on Xbox. For people like myself with a disability which makes using a controller annoying it would be one of the best thing the developers could introduce. You were never that popular were you…….always felt the need tattle on others? Life must have been difficult, but it does get better after you grow up. So the only .ini files you need to really make backup files are the special tweaked versions you make for your own comp.

Vertical sync = mouse accleration problems?

We also hope more developers will start making triple buffering the default option in their games, as it will deliver the best experience to gamers interested in both quality and performance. There are only a handful of games that include triple buffering as a built in option, and NVIDIA and AMD drivers currently only allow forcing triple buffering in OpenGL games. When using double buffering , while vertical sync is enabled, after one frame is completed nothing else can be rendered out which can cause stalling and degrade actual performance. Triple Buffering does not improve perfomance except for correcting Vsync refresh. It’s pretty much my most hated performance issue. It’s super hard to ignore and just ruins the image quality.

tera vertical sync

On PC, this technology exists either with the nVidia G-Sync implementation or AMD FreeSync. On console, the Xbox One S and Xbox One X are already supporting FreeSync. The next generation of console PS5 and Xbox Series X will also support VRR over HDMI 2.1 up to 120 Hz. Very recently, some Samsung QLED and LG OLED TV have added some support for VRR. This explains also why the new Variable Rate Shading is really interesting.

Besides lack of UI customization my other complaint would be to have full control of the interface like PC does. For example, turning in or accepting quest it would be nice to somehow hover over the icons listed and receive a brief description of what exactly it is. I’m constantly receiving rewards listed that I honestly have no idea what the icon is supposed to represent. I found this information very useful, thanks for the post. Just shows what a bunch of hoses arses Frogster are.

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It’s the speed at which your monitor / TV will update the screen every second. Generally, it does refresh by displaying line by line from the top of the screen down to the bottom. The frame rate is the speed at which your computer will generate new frames every second. Obviously, those 2 rates won’t always be synchronized. The graphic card can generate less frames per second than your monitor can refresh and vice-versa.

It helps increase FPS during nexus but it does also help by improving the look of the game makes everything more smooth. It really improved the quality of my gaming overall. I have a good 4k TV with Displayport and don’t regret it. Also, the response time is really good enough. I see no difference between my gaming laptop and my 4k screen.

Even windows scaling does a poor job of making it readable. You could try downclocking your graphiccard, but I wouldn’t recommend doing that unless you know exactly what you’re doing and how far it has to be downclocked to prevent the overheating. DCUO has slightly higher recomended tera vertical sync system requirements, so DCUO is probably a little more ressource-consuming than Tera, that might explain why you get the problems with DCUO, but not Tera. It might be necessary to exchange the coolingpads/paste or even the entire cooler by someone who knows how to do that.

As for scaling, it’s true it is not perfect, however many games are now offering scaling text options. It’s going to be more mainstream, so I would not really be worried if Fallout two from 1998 is not offering 4k text. However, this doesn’t require a proprietary chip in the monitor. Instead, FreeSync relies on the DisplayPort’s Adaptive-Sync specification, which is a royalty-free industry standard. The difference between them is that in G-SYNC, the proprietary module in the monitor handles the work of communication between the devices.

Thanks to the researches done in this article, we have factual and scientific explanations on why 60 fps is better than 30. I don’t know why that isn’t an option in the game. I sure hope they can iron this stuff out before FM6A and FH3 officially release for PC, or T10 are in for the wrath of the PCMR. I’ve got a GTX750Ti, and limiting the FPS to 30(V-sync) provides decent performance, no more lags every 2/3 seconds. The following is a list of common terminology and respective definitions in circulation with relevance to PC gaming.

Switching from FOV60 to 100 just changes the camera distance! Could get the exact same result just with scrolling mous button. Like in Fallout 3 and Dead Space, no Vsync meant lots of tearing.

tera vertical sync

To find them, open the game’s Options menu and look for a category like “Graphics” or “Video.” You can tweak individual settings or just use presets. Loaded up with impressive specs, powerful processors, and VSync compatibility, HP OMEN desktops and laptops bring your gaming world to imaginative life every single time. From the moment you power-on your PC, it generates heat.

Likewise, when fps drop below the refresh rate, the game experiences input lag and stutter. With double buffering , 3-D games must wait until the next vertical retrace before they can start rendering the next frame. In the event that your game comes to a graphically intense moment and the frame rate drops below your monitor’s refresh rate https://cryptolisting.org/ VSync will attempt to match that sudden change. Instead of being a seamless transition, VSync delivers an even bigger drop in frame rate, leaving you with increased visual and performance lag. Short for vertical sync, VSync is the graphics technology responsible for synchronizing the frame rate of a game to the refresh rate of a monitor.

Modificador .sync

Like for example when people use the block cancel to spam combo attack for the last hit stagger setting that delay really low like 0 can also lag yourself out and the people around you regardless of how good a video card is. Its just a run on FPS so if your spamming these skills at 4000 fps and your PC can only handle 120 you’ll crash yourself. Or if your spamming at 60fps of skill usage and your video card is putting out 80 fps you would notice some performance issues this can also be the same for people around you they would have issues around you as well. ATI video cards have a number of issues since they don’t apply graphics globally. Using linux it might be possible to figure out a work around but the only thing you most likely can do is do the video settings above which are in your video cards settings and hope that they apply into tera. You could also try the settings I gave the person above with dynamic lighting it really makes a huge difference.

Other than those, I didn’t see any bugs or issues, and the game looks fantastic. I pre-ordered the game already so, I may end up building a new PC to fix my CPU issues… So when you get into that feet from the texture zone, you get max resolution, but if you zoom your camera closer to the texture, it will eventually “pop” back into B resolution mode.

So what I do as a temporary fix is I run GTX460 #1 as the Single GPU. And use the other GPU as the SLi Anti aliasing unit. Here are the FPS numbers for all the Unreal 3 game Ambient Occlusion codes I tried. The FPS was taken at the race selection screen with my two cards in Single GPU + SLi AA mode. After the FPS are notes listed from what the AC would do in the actual game.

  • Rio in daylight was playable but full of stutters, Spa in the rain was an unplayable stutter fest and so on.
  • DCUO has slightly higher recomended system requirements, so DCUO is probably a little more ressource-consuming than Tera, that might explain why you get the problems with DCUO, but not Tera.
  • The differences between the two resolutions is very small in gaming , whereas the advantages of going up to 144FPS or higher is huge.
  • Bright Memory on Xbox Series has a full PC-esque settings menu that includes Vsync lol.
  • Originally posted by MaephistoStormseekaz…….thanks for taking the time for writing up this informative and helpful guide.

Read our faq We want to create an inspiring environment for our members and have defined a set of guidelines. Start a thread Start a new thread to share your experiences with like-minded people. Now we have 60 and we want 30 because of a couple of dips. Triple-buffered V-Sync prevents that, but requires more memory and typically adds another frame of latency.

Computer Graphics

On my LCD screen it’s something different though, and I notice it right away as soon the framerate goes over 60, so I almost play all games with vsync on. The only game that gave me prblems with mouse lag was Dead Space, but it was better playable with a controller anyways, so I just went for that. Out of all the testing I did, tweaking settings over and over. Do you know what the #1 biggest killer of FPS was for me? “PC View Distance” When this option is set to 1, you cant barely see mobs right infront of you.

thoughts on “Frame & (variable) refresh rates or why Tesla is responsible for the 60 fps war”

But if this doesn’t work you cant really do much about it from a pc point of view unless you haven’t updated drivers and such. To be honest the game is very poorly optimized which is why i’ve started to look at other games with friends and guildies. Cause they choose not to fix many of the problems for many years especially all the exploits too. Well do the ini modification and the core unparking it makes a noticable difference also make sure flash and shockwave are updated since thats the engine that Tera runs on. The deal breaker with a 4K monitor right away is the low refresh rate which is not ideal for gaming.

These driver installers include tools that automatically check for updates to help keep your drivers updated in the future. You’ll also find options for viewing any game’s FPS in other tools like NVIDIA GeForce Experience and FRAPS. Just launch the GeForce Experience application from your Start menu and you’ll see a list of game you have installed. Select a game and click the “Optimize” button to automatically use NVIDIA’s recommended settings for that game based on your system’s hardware.

TERA is pretty action based so, if your an archer or caster, you might want to turn vsync off. You should make sure your flash is updated at first. If that doesn’t seem to make any improvements it could be related to the number of people in the town or city your in.

These displays can handle up to 120 frames per second and the result is a much smoother gameplay. It also handles lower V-sync caps such as 30 FPS and 60 FPS, since they are multiples of 120 FPS. It’s because current gen systems are aiming for low input lag.

Practically, it improves shadowing and highlights to match the light source which they are absorbing or reflecting. AAA computer graphics technique that attempts to minimise the distortion artifacts known as aliasing, presented when a high resolution image is displayed at a lower resolution. Anti-aliasing effectively “smooths” these artifacts leaving a visually crisper outline. Did you make sure that your windows updates are all done and any bios updates for the motherboard / cpu are done cause maybe your missing a update with one of those which is causing some hardware malfunction. I mean if there’s nothing along thoughs lines could be the case of a bad cpu then since we pretty much covered everything else.

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